Apiary Workers

Position Type: Beekeeping

Location: Surrey, BC

Honeybee Centre is seeking 6 apiary workers, March 15 to October 15.  Pay is $15.00-$17.00/hour for approximately 50 hours per week.  Minimum 3 years’ experience in beekeeping, including brood nest management, queen rearing, livestock production, honey production, and disease and pest control.  Beekeepers are also required to clean, maintain, and assemble beekeeping equipment, and be able to operate small engine equipment, such as syrup pumps, grass trimmers, and bee blowers.

Beekeepers must be in good physical condition, able to work well with others, and be able to understand instructions in English, or Spanish.  Beekeeping protective clothing, smokers, and living accommodations are provided at a no charge.  Beekeepers are responsible for their own food and luxuries.

Please apply to Frank at frank@honeybeecentre.com.  More information at www.honeybeecentre.com.

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Fax 604 - 575 - 2338
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Honeybee Centre
7480 - 176 Street
Surrey, B.C. V3S 7B1
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