Main Street Honey Shoppe

A Colony of Honeybee Centre

Main Street Honey ShoppeHoneybee Centre has many valued customers throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia. We know that some of you love to drive out to the valley to visit us, but for those who prefer not to travel beyond the Fraser River, you can now find all of our honey farm products at the Main Street Honey Shoppe.  Located in the heart of Vancouver at Main Street and King Edward Avenue, the Main Street Honey Shoppe is the latest addition to the vibrant Main Street neighbourhood.

Just like our Country Store, the first thing that you will notice when you enter is the sweet smell of honey and beeswax that permeates the store. The comfortable environment and friendly staff introduce you to the health benefits of the many natural bee products that we specialize in. Finally, the honey tasting . . . how sweet it is!

Bringing Specialty Honey and Natural Honeybee Products

From our Farm to the City!

Come visit us on Main Street! 

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All of our tasty and healthy products are available  at the Main Street Honey Shoppe,  including:

  • Pure and natural specialty honeys (including local honeys)
  • Infused honey spreads
  • Highly nutritional supplements (including pollen, propolis, and royal jelly)
  • Natural body care products
  • Pure beeswax candles
  • Honeybee theme gifts

for Kids

To make your shopping experience a little more peaceful, we have a colouring area for the kids, and we have  honey tasting for everyone. And for a healthy sweet snack alternative, we have honey stix in a large variety of kid-friendly flavours, including wild watermelon, root beer, sour apple, lemonade, and many more.


Live Bees - Coming Soon !

We are in the process of building an observation honeybee hive at our Main Street location.  Soon you will be able to witness a working honeybee colony right in the heart of the city.


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