Our Commitment To Learning

Honeybee Centre is deeply committed to our education program, which includes school field trips, community outreach visits, and presentations. This is an important part of our mission to enrich the lives of people with the mysterious and incredible world of the honeybee.

To this end, we have evolved our curriculum over the last 10 years to be age specific in content, and to adapt based on the knowledge and needs of individual groups.  Our program is enhanced with a series of workshops that promote fun and exciting learning for students from pre-school to high school. Our dedicated education coordinator continues to update and refine our curriculum and teaching aids to improve the learning experience.

Our Visitor and Learning Centre consists of facilities and equipment for the specific purpose of supporting a rich learning environment for our education program. This includes an observation hive to facilitate close up observation of a working bee hive. Our large classroom is complete with workstations and a number of exhibits and learning aids. 

Our goal is to continue to be a premier school field trip destination and to give upcoming generations an appreciation for the importance of the honeybee. The centuries old relationship between the honeybee and people is being rediscovered for it's tremendous value to agriculture and for the health and healing properties of honeybee products.


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