"…Honeybee Centre is one heck of a deal!  Numerous educational stations, onsite bee experts, books, worksheets, puppets, and honey sticks, as well as the invitation to stay as long as we wanted…the Honeybee Centre is definitely a place worth visiting many times." 

 Lindsay Follett,  City Editor for Family Fun Vancouver   

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"Lovely gift shop with everything honey – honey in bottles, honey based lotions, soaps, candles etc – there is a section of the shop where you can peek-a-boo an actual hive. Busy bees swarming all over!"

Stéphane Mouttet,  Regional Director, Les Clefs d'Or Canada - BC , Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

"You have to go. Not just for the pie at the café, which is really, really good, but for the pleasure of looking and testing the different kinds of honey, taking a self-guided tour, and checking out the courses they offer, like beekeeping and candle-making. (By the way, this is a very kid-friendly place.)

Maxine,    Read the full article at BC Food Adventures

"If you look back at my blog posts you will see one that I made one recently about our trip to the HONEY BEE CENTRE in Surrey. We had so much fun tasting and looking at honey that we decided to head back there with some of our besties from the island and do the grand tour.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the kids.

Would they be into it?    Would it be entertaining enough?    Would they get quickly bored and want to leave?

As soon as we walked in the door my concerns went up in smoke...poof. They loved it. 1 hr of true Bee Bliss."

littlesparrow,   Blogger   Read the full post at birds eye view

"… we all went to the Honeybee Centre in Surrey to take a look around and buy some Honey that they make right on site. It is an amazing place - take a look for yourself.

 Vanessa Reynolds    Read the full post at The Guest House 

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